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About Us

This is a picture of a well pump repair.

Here at Greensboro Well Repair we run a very tight ship. By that we mean a few things. Firstly, all of our staff are very well trained (no pun intended). They are required to train regularly and to learn the new technology that comes out, how to work it, how to capitalize upon it in a growing market. Secondly, we only every use the newest, best equipment. When dealing with wells, there is a lot of pressure to get the job done right. After all, we are often dealing with drinking water and it needs to have the right chemical balance, it needs to be the right everything! Therefore, using old tools just isn’t an option.

You will never hear of us using any equipment that is not state of the art, fully licensed and properly standardized. Thirdly, all of our staff are passionate about the job that we do. We have cultivated an environment that incentivises excellence and adopts a very good blend of hard work with enjoyment. We hope that you will be able to feel this in the work we do.

On this website, we have tried to create a comprehensive summary of what we can offer. There is nothing on here that isn’t in line with our passion for well repair and maintenance. We have a contact page, a service page for each of our services and much, much more. Please feel free to peruse at your pleasure! We are sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Greensboro, NC