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Water Testing & Treatment Services

Have you ever seen those icebergs that peak over the top of the surface of the water but if you were to see below, they are way, way larger under the water beneath our view? Have you ever seen a ship in low tide, with the hundreds of barnacles and the thick algae suddenly becoming visible? The same point is being made here.

Ships are spotless and fully functioning but underneath, in the unseen parts, it can be a completely different story. Heck, we can even remember a Simpsons episode where Bart drops a walkie-talkie down a well and when Springfield hears him talking through the other one, they start to think that there is a small boy trapped at the bottom of the well. In the episode, the only way they are able to find out what the real problem is, is by going right down to find out. It is the same with water testing and water treatment.

Taste won’t tell you that the water is find, neither will sight. What is necessary in these situations is to test the water at its home - deep in the well. Clearly, this requires an expert’s touch and we are very happy to be your personal experts in Greensboro, NC!

Where The Science Comes In

Here is where things get a little bit technical. When we are testing water, we are obliged to do it alongside government standards and by using state of the art, properly standardised equipment. This is because there is a benchmark for legal drinking water, for water for crops and for general cleaning.

It is a matter of public health and it has to be adhered to. Therefore, if you ever hear of a contractor who doesn’t follow these guidelines, don’t hire them! They are probably cutting corners in other areas as well.

The US Environmental Protection Agency uses a PH level barometer to judge the quality of water, to classify it as public drinking water or not. This is essentially a test of whether or not the water is too acidic or too alkali (all water is either or unless it has been neutralised by an expert).

Why Does It Matter?

However, there is more than just taste at stake here. PH imbalance can often lead to pipe damage, which is a problem for long-time maintenance of water systems. So, if you don’t want plumbing issues later on, you should think about contacting a well repair service provider (like us), now.

Another thing that we are trying to achieve with this service is the ‘hardness’ of water. It is measured by its amount of minerals like calcium and magnesium. If it fits this description then clothes that you wash might make you itch and dishes might even gather dirt whilst you are cleaning them!

All of these drawbacks can be avoided by a decent testing and treatment service. If you live in the North Carolina area of Greensboro, look no further than us to provide for these needs. We are experienced and happy to help!

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